Construction Supervision

We deliver highway construction supervision and project management services for major improvement schemes to carriageway and structures renewal as well as widening projects for both central and local government. Our approach is built on a structured project management methodology and the creation of bespoke delivery teams, with the appropriate skills, qualifications and experience to ensure the delivery of the project requirements. In cooperation with other departments and partners (In Association, Joint Venture), we are able to offer a service starting from planning to implementation of the objects and guarantee Inspection

When providing the road construction/renovation supervision service, we take the responsibility of ensuring a high-quality implementation and outcome.

  • The representative of construction supervision is closely tied to the work process, engaging extra engineers if required by the character of the work;
  • Before the beginning of the construction, we check the correspondence of the construction project to the legal acts and standards; get acquainted with the object and inform the customer of possible problems;
  • Before using the materials, we check the correspondence of the materials to the requirements and project;
  • We check the correspondence of the quality-data to the project and if necessary, carry out a survey of measurements in cooperation with the contractor;
  • Check the correspondence of the quantities of used materials and products to the contract and project;
  • We make sure the construction of the object is in the given time schedule and if necessary, give the orders to make adjustments to the time schedule and apply sanctions listed in the contract when exceeding the deadlines.
  • We check that the payments of the object are in the given time schedule and if necessary, make prepositions for adjustments.
  • We check the correspondence of the traffic management and the requirements.
  • We check the accordance of the documentation and requirements;
  • We convoke, conduct and keep a record of meetings and consultations to solve technical problems.
  • We represent the interests of the customer and participate in all relevant meetings and negotiations.
  • We check the environmental and occupational safety regulations during construction;
  • We check the presentation of required laboratory test records;
  • We present remarks and requisitions about eliminating deficiencies to the contractor.
  • If required, we initiate necessary changes for the object to meet the deadline and in good quality and process amendment and supplementation motions by the contractor.
  • We compile the financial arrangements including the changes in quantities and recalculations;
  • After the completion of the object, we propose the customer to summon an approval committee and also take part of the approval committee’s work;
  • We follow the principles of good practice of supervision;