Survey Engineering

In the past 11 years, Ayoleeza has completed jobs for various engineering surveys like Topographical, Hydrographical & Route Surveying with the use of state-of-art equipments like Mobile Lidar, DGPS, Hand GPS, Total Station & Digital Levels.

Engineering Survey

  • Topographical Survey using Mobile LiDAR, GPS & modern Total Stations
  • Leveling by Digital Level & Auto Level instruments.
  • Cadastral and Engineering Survey.
  • Hydrographic Survey through Total Station, Current meter, Echo-sounder etc.
  • Profiling, Contouring, Leveling, Curve setting, etc.
  • Route alignment for roads, bridges, pipelines, power lines etc.
  • As built survey for developed city regions.
  • Quantity survey after construction.

Engineering Drawings

  • Creating Engineering drawings, Topographical Maps with the help of advanced softwares like AutoCAD, AutoCAD
  • Civil 3D, Auto Plotter etc.
  • Producing profile of existing landforms with help of softwares like MX-Road, In-Roads, PLS CADD.
  • Digitization of old revenue maps and cadastral maps.
  • Calculation of cut-fill volumes.
  • Preparation of Detailed survey Report.
  • Preparation of Feasibility Report.
  • Digital Terrain Modeling of the topographical maps.