Environmental Engineering


We provide a full range of environmental services that are designed for meeting our client’s objectives of complying with the increasing regulatory demands placed upon ongoing facility operations as well as historic site activities. Mitigation of past, current and future risks are achieved not only by applying our knowledge of environmental policies and regulations, project experiences, and application of science and technology but, by understanding our client’s business objectives. We combine our extensive project experience and regulatory knowledge with the knowledge of our client’s operations to provide the framework for meeting ongoing regulatory requirements.

Ayoleeza has assisted clients in a variety of areas including site selection, facility decommissioning, and site redevelopment. Additionally, Ayoleeza has providing cost-effective, technologically advanced remediation and disposal services for those sites affected by any number of constituents including metals, organic chemicals, and radioactive materials. Ongoing operational compliance success is met by providing our clients with services in environmental testing, permitting, engineering, and planning services. Strategic information and management systems provide a valuable conduit for maintaining and insuring that the investment in pro-active compliance matches with ongoing operational flexibility and due diligence.

Our capabilities are also gearing up to intervening in a wide spectrum of areas in the field of Social Planning Sector:

  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Resettlement and Rehabilitation Planning
  • Policies and Regulations related to Land Acquisition & Involuntary Resettlement
  • Poverty, Gender and Child Labor Issues
  • Mitigation and Enhancement Programs
  • Community Engagement and NGO Participation in Project Implementation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

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“ We actively listen to our clients to understand their needs and expectations and offer value-added solutions in a timely manner based upon our know-how in planning, engineering and project management ”

Mr. Abhishek Kumar
Founder and Managing Director

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