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It is a well-known proverb that bridges link gaps. A bridge as per definition is a structure built to span physical obstacles such as a body of water, valley, or road, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle. Bridges are essential to connect parts of road networks though it is also highly used for trains, pedestrian traffic & pipelines for water transport.

In highway development network, apart from bridges there are other structures in form of over bridges, underpasses & interchanges which requires considerable amount of attention. In towns & cities such structures are very prominent in way of separating cross-traffic. Currently under road widening schemes of two-lanes, four-lanes & even six lanes, all bridges require widening & strengthening either by addition of lanes or construction of new structures depending on the site or condition of the existing bridges. For underpasses, over bridges and interchanges new structures are required, be it on highways or in towns. For structures in towns, collaboration with the road development, traffic & transportation studies are required apart from the development of proper traffic management during construction.

We provide services for preliminary and detailed designs, drawings, reports either as part of the main project or as a part of independent bridge/structure projects involving innovative structures, flyovers, interchanges including small, major, medium structures on land and over waterways. It also comprises of rehabilitation & widening of structures (as part of widening of roads) including inventorization, condition survey, preparing repair and rehabilitation plans, both for bridges & other structures.

We have designers for carrying out the designs and reports supported by the experts in the relevant fields. They are conversant with the up-to-date design software required for the purpose of optimum use of materials during the design.

A brief model of the life-cycle we follow is shown below.

Life Cycle Model

* Throughout there would be interaction with client for necessary clearances and approvals

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