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Ayoleeza has a wide-ranging experience and particular knowledge in providing specialized Design services & extensive experience in Construction supervision for all types of roads including National and State highways, Elevated Highways, Toll Roads and Rural / local Road Projects . Ayoleeza offers professional services across the board as detailed below for providing Feasibility studies, Detailed Engineering & Design, Project Management and related services for development of Highways. Our understanding of highway engineering is matchless from basic planning to complex design. We employ a multidisciplinary approach to provide comprehensive highways engineering solutions. The group is totally committed to Quality Assurance and Quality measures and every employee is to oath-bound to achieve the laid down standards of quality. Further, We provide specialized construction supervision services to suit the nature of the project, as well as the local conditions and ensure careful monitoring of construction, to ensure that the study and design requirements are implemented strictly in accordance with Contract Specifications and Conditions.

Our team of experts have worked on most of the projects falling under the process of 4-laning of National Highway Corridors under Golden Quadrangle (GQ) & North-South-East-West (NSEW) corridors followed by four-laning of other important National Highways. We have also garnered proficiency in handling less important corridors under two-laning including improvement of State Highways and Rural Roads under direct Government funding as well as different International Funding Agencies like World Bank or Asian Development Bank (ADB).

We are fully conversant with all the above development starting from the study of the basic requirement, undertaking required survey & investigations, social & environmental studies, and designs, preparation of reports & tender documents for various types of funding systems including BOT implementation followed by supervision of construction. Our experts & engineers are fully equipped with the state-of-art technology, up-dated survey equipments, and design & PMC software’s and documentation tools.

Design Services

  • Pre-feasibility, Feasibility and Preliminary Engineering Studies
  • Detailed Engineering Design and Drawings
  • Pavement Design
  • Condition Surveys, Inventorization, Topographical and Hydrological Surveys
  • Hydraulic and Drainage Studies & Strategic Options Studies
  • Geo-technical Investigations and Material Survey & Analysis
  • Social & Environmental Studies
  • Cost-estimates & Tender Documentation
  • Techno-Economic Studies
  • Design and Viability of Toll Collection System
  • Pre-Bid Services and Post Bid Design services for Concessionaires

Construction Supervision Services

  • Project Management and Contract Administration
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Co-ordination / Liaison with authorities
  • Construction Management
  • Testing and Quality Control
  • Construction Safety with appropriate signages, lighting and diversions
  • Claims Management
  • Risk Management
  • Implementation of Resettlement & Rehabilitation plans
  • Implementation of Environmental Management Plan including Mitigation Measures
  • Bid Process Management.
  • Monitor and check quality of works to the extent specified in the Concession Agreement.
  • Review and approve the works programme of the concessionaire.

Life Cycle Model

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Mr. Abhishek Kumar
Founder and Managing Director

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